13 Pro-Gay Bakers Refuse Christian Wedding Cake Order

Charisma News 23 December 2014
After seeing Christian-owned bakeries pay a severe price for refusing gay wedding customers, Theodore Shoebat decided to see how tolerant gay-owned bakeries really are when the shoe is on the other foot.

It turns out, not so tolerant.

Shoebat, communications director for Rescue Christians, called 13 pro-gay bakeries and asked them if they would bake a cake—or a cookie or even a pie— donning the words “gay marriage is wrong” for a traditional marriage appreciation event.

Not one of them would oblige—and at least one of them went on a profane rant about “hypocritical Christians.”

What motivated Shoebat to launch this unscientific experiment? It seems he took exception to a pro-gay watchdog in Ireland that launched proceedings against a Christian-owned bakery for refusing to make a cake for an equality campaign earlier this year.

Of course, that wasn’t the only such incident of Christian bakers’ rights being trampled by pro-gay advocates.

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