A UK poll on religious freedom and association

Hot-tip Kiwiblog 1 December 2016
This UK poll gave respondents eight scenarios and asked for each of them whether they should be considered grounds for taking someone to court. In all of them only a small minority thought someone should be forced to act against their beliefs – even if t means denying someone goods or services.

In order of support for taking them to court, the scenarios are:

    1. A bakery run by Christians that won’t bake a gay marriage cake 16%
    2. A printing company run by Catholics that won’t produce pro-abortion adverts 15%
    3. A t-shirt company run by lesbians that won’t print anti gay marriage t-shirts 13%
    4. A bakery run by Christians which won’t make a Satanic cake 11%
    5. A Muslim printer who refuses to print cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed 11%
    6. An atheist web designer who won’t design a creationist website 10%
    7. An environmentalist marketing consultant who won’t work for a fracking company 9%
    8. A Muslim film company than won’t make a pornographic film 7%

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