ACC reveals wedding injury tally

3 News 12 Sept 2013
If you like it, maybe you shouldn’t put a ring on it.

Just-released figures from ACC reveal there were about 600  claims between 2010 and 2012 for wedding-related injuries.

Perhaps those single ladies have the right idea after  all.

Beyonce wannabes clocked up the biggest number of wedding  injuries, with ACC receiving about 160 claims for injuries sustained on the  dance floor.

Several claims were made by people injured while jumping to  catch the bouquet, while others strained their backs moving tables, lifting  cases of wine and carrying musical equipment.

Wedding day cricket matches, running races and sack races  also ended in tears and ACC paperwork.

There were a handful of injuries resulting from hugs that  were just a bit too tight, while a number of those behind a video camera  documenting the big day tripped and fell.


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