Adoption reform is not a big issue, says Key

3 News 22 July 2012
Prime Minister John Key isn’t ruling out reforms that would allow some same-sex couples to adopt, but he says it’s not the biggest issue facing the Government. During a closed-door session yesterday, delegates at the National Party’s annual conference in Auckland passed a remit, backed by the party’s youth wing, for the 1955 Adoption Act to be extended to include civil union partners. Mr Key told reporters today the remit could be adopted as a Government bill, but it would need to be considered against the rest of the Government’s work programme. “You have to think through the amount of parliamentary time that would be chewed up on that issue.” Mr Key said the remit showed the National Party is modernising. “But realistically it’s just not the biggest issue that we face. I know it’s important to those people, but they’re a very small group,” he said.

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