Anglican Church says no to gay wedding at St Matthew’s in the City

NZ Herald 18 July 2013
The Bishop of Auckland has rejected claims that instructions from ‘on high’ have caused a late halt to a proposed gay wedding taking place at St Matthew-in-the-City parish.

The church’s vicar, Reverend Glynn Cardy, said the reason he was unable to host the ceremony as the culmination of a radio competition was because Anglican officials will not solemnise gay weddings.

ZM, the broadcaster behind the promotion, blamed “higher powers in the Church”.

But a statement from the Anglican Diocese of Auckland said Reverend Cardy had told the Bishop of Auckland, the Right Reverend Ross Bay, that there was no intention for the church to offer such an event, although a blessing would be possible following a legal civil marriage elsewhere.

The bishop says no directive was given to St Matthew’s because there was never an intention for such a wedding to take place because the vicar was working within Anglican Church policy, which he understood.

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