Anti-gay marriage website crashes after launch

NZ Herald 30 July 2012
An anti-gay marriage website has had a few teething problems – it crashed shortly after launch and a US band is appalled one of its songs has been used without permission. The band, Train,  was yesterday informed via Twitter that the video for their song Marry Me had been used on, which was launched over the weekend to galvanise opposition to Labour MP Louisa Wall’s Marriage Equality Bill. “Didn’t know. Getting it off asap. Tnx 4 tip,” the band wrote in response to Kiwi user Mikey_J_S. As of midday today however, the song was still embedded in the website’s homepage. Wall’s bill, which was drawn from the ballot last week, seeks to define marriage as a union of two people, “regardless of their sex, sexual orientation or gender identity”. However the new website claims marriage is defined as “one man, one woman”. The National Marriage Coalition New Zealand, Family First NZ, FamilyLife NZ, and Focus on the Family have combined to create the website. Earlier today the site appeared to have crashed temporarily. Visitors to the site received a pop-up internal server error message. It said the most likely cause of the site crash was website maintenance or a programming error.

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