Are children really better off with gay parents?

TheLeadingEdge 22 July 2013   
Yesterday morning the website boldly trumpeted the headline: ‘Children with gay parents ‘happier’ – research‘.
I was wondering how long it was going to take the NZ media to start touting the dubious claims of the latest agenda-driven attempt to try and reduce natural biological parenting to a meaningless social phenomenon with no greater significance than what we, as a culture, subjectively attach to it.
The journalism in this article is woefully deficient, and instead of actually investigating the claims, and the methodology behind them, the article simply advocates for them as if they are irrefutable scientific fact.
Firstly, the man leading the charge on this research is actually in a same-sex relationship, and he and his partner are parenting twin boys. More importantly, the article openly states that this research was ideologically and politically motivated when it explains that “the study was prompted when Crouch found politicians on both sides of the debate on gay adoption and marriage believed the best way to raise a child is in a traditional family with a biological mother and a biological father.”
Quite clearly this is not an unbiased blank slate start to the research, but rather it is a case of someone with a point to prove who has gone fishing for something to support his ideological commitments, and to try and give validity to his own parenting arrangement.
This fact alone should be ringing alarm bells right off the bat, but it doesn’t end there. There is actually more that is problematic about this latest attempt to undermine the importance of natural parenting – and if the journalist who wrote this article had actually bothered to get online and learn more about the methodology of this new research they would have pointed out the following important facts in their article:

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