As predicted – NZ Herald now continuing the push for Polyamory

I live in a threesome: Here’s how it works
NZ Herald 12 October 2016
Family First Comment: And so the campaign to normalise it continues – as we predicted. Once the definition of marriage is changed once, what stops it being defined further? First, gender. Next, number

Among those of us who are polyamorous – meaning that we carry on committed relationships with multiple people – there is a lot of talk about jealousy. It’s regarded as an emotion for the weak and unenlightened.

I must be seriously unenlightened then, because I am a jealous, territorial, alpha-kind of man. My husband, Alex, and I have been together for five years. Our boyfriend, Jon, has lived with us for the past two.

For the most part we are happy. Like any relationship, we have our ups and our downs. Some days we are madly in love, other days we’d rather be left alone to watch TV, pay the bills and go about the normalcy of life.

Our relationship allows us a lot of room to explore with other people, both sexually and emotionally. We try to be honest with one another – and we try our best not to hurt one another. Sometimes we succeed. Sometimes we don’t.

I still get that kind of heart-pounding and burning sensation all over my body whenever I picture either of my men with someone else.


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