Aussie twins call for law change so they can marry same man

NewsHub 24 December 2018
Family First Comment:  Well, why not? Love is love? Marriage ‘equality’? 

A pair of twins who claim to be the most identical in the world are calling on the Australian Government to change the law so they can both marry their shared boyfriend.

Anna and Lucy De Cinque, 33, have been dating their mechanic boyfriend Ben Byrne for six years but can’t marry him under Australia’s anti-polygamy laws.

The Perth pair told Australian TV host Dave Hughes: “Okay, so we share a partner Ben and we would like marry him one day but the law in Australia says we can’t, so what do we do?”

The twins shared a promotional video of the interview to their Instagram account with the caption: “We share a unique problem. WE WANT TO MARRY THE SAME MAN.”

Anna and Lucy previously told The Sun that when they met Byrne, they told him they came as a package.

“He insisted that he was fine with it,” Anna said. “Being a non-identical twin himself, he said that he understood our bond.”

Byrne moved in with the twins and their mum in 2013.

Lucy said she and Anna never get jealous because they know he loves them equally.
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