Australia same-sex marriage vote blocked by opposition

BBC News 11 October 2016
Family First Comment: Yes Labour – the last thing we want is the uneducated plebs of society having any chance of a say on this major social engineering!
But from experience, the heterophobia and death threats and attacks on our websites and bullying at the submission process towards supporters of traditional marriage wasn’t nice. So good to see that the Labour party in Australia has killed off any cultural vandalism on the definition of marriage in Australia – for now :-)

Australian opposition MPs have said they will block the prime minister’s plan to hold a national vote on legalising same-sex marriage.

Malcolm Turnbull has promised to put the issue to a non-binding ballot, or plebiscite, next year.

But critics, including many supporters of same-sex marriage, say parliament should make the decision itself.

They say the plebiscite will be expensive and runs the risk of unleashing homophobic rhetoric.

Parliament will still vote on whether to hold the plebiscite, but without opposition and crossbench support it is unlikely to pass the senate.

Mr Turnbull has not yet said whether he will allow MPs a free parliamentary vote instead, as the opposition wants, meaning the issue is unlikely to be resolved soon.

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