Australian Govt offers newlyweds $200 vouchers for counselling

The Australian 16 June 2014
Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews has revealed taxpayers could provide parents with marriage education sessions so their relationships do not suffer when dirty nappies, colicky babies and sleep deprivation consume their lives.

The plan would likely go ahead if its $20 million pre-marriage courses and counselling sessions are a success.

From July 1, couples, especially those considering getting married, will be able to access a $200 voucher to enrol in four or six hour courses that will give them coping and communication skills to deal with lifelong partnerships. Mr Andrews said although it hadn’t started, providers had said there was interest from the public.

“If this works well than there’s an option to expand it,” he said.

He said before couples had a baby they did antenatal classes, were given information about the birth process and how to look after a new-born but no support was offered to help couples themselves deal with the life-changing event.

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