Australian same-sex marriage vote bid rejected

NewsHub 8 November 2016
Family First Comment: The message to families from Oz politicians: Yes the Australian Labour and Green parties will take your vote if it gets them elected, but once elected, you’re completely irrelevant when you get in the way of their agenda.
PS: did they hear about the death threats and abusive emails that we and other supporters of marriage received during NZ’s debate?

The Australian federal government’s proposal to hold a referendum on whether to legalise same-sex marriage has been vetoed in the Senate.

The bill was defeated by opposition parties Labor and the Greens, who say a public plebiscite would allow hatred to be voiced towards the LGBTI community. They would rather see a direct vote made in Parliament.

On Monday night (local time), the proposal was voted down 33 to 29.

A defeat would result in delaying same-sex marriage in Australia for years to come, Attorney-General George Brandis had said earlier.

“Stop playing politics with gay people’s lives, because that is all that you are doing,” Senator Brandis told the parliament.

“A vote against this bill is a vote against marriage equality.”

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