“Average gay guy couldn’t give a toss”

Christchurch Press 27 July 2012
…However, a stalwart of the gay community said the “average gay guy couldn’t give a toss” about legalising same sex marriages. Bruce Williamson, who has run gay nightclubs in Christchurch since the early 1980s, was “not even remotely interested in the issue”. “The average gay guy couldn’t care less about anything that resembles the institution of conventional heterosexual marriage,” he said. “It has no relevance to their lives. The majority couldn’t give a toss about it and I have no idea why people are obsessing over it.” The drawing of the bill was a “non-event” for Williamson, and he said many people in the gay and lesbian community were asking “why we are discussing it” via online blogs and forums. He believed the controversial issue was “being driven by only a few people who enjoy a good bandwagon to climb on”, but the issue of same-sex marriages was not a “common topic of conversation” in Christchurch’s gay community. “I don’t need validity of any relationship I am in, and in my experience others feel the same way. People couldn’t care less about it,” he said.

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