BIAS ALERT – Australia media caught photoshopping anti-LGBTI posters

The Coalition for Marriage today said it was “staggering” that a photoshopped image of an anti-LGBTI poster was used on a number of Network Ten news programs, which presented as evidence of “hateful” campaigning ahead of the postal plebiscite.

After an unsubstantiated allegation that anti-LGBTI posters were displayed in Melbourne, Network Ten – instead of doing its job to investigate the facts and report on them – used manufactured images in its broadcast. Other news outlets, while not as brazen to use manipulated images, still ran with the story without testing the veracity of the claims.

“It’s clear that the Australian people can no longer trust the news to give them the facts,” Coalition for Marriage spokeswoman, Sophie York said marriage australia photoshopping

“There is a lot at stake when it comes to changing the laws on marriage. Instead of accurately and fairly presenting the ‘no’ case, including the very real consequences for ordinary Australians if the law is changed, media outlets have instead used manufactured stories to favour the ‘yes’ case.

“The ‘yes’ campaign knows that if they tell the Australian people the truth about the consequences of redefining marriage, and let them have a say, Australians will vote ‘no.’ But Australians have a right to know the truth about what is going on,” Ms York concluded.
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