Books portraying ‘traditional’ families could be barred – EU

MailOnline 7 Nov 2o12
Books which portray ‘traditional’ images of  mothers caring for their children or fathers going out to work could be barred  from schools under proposals from Brussels. An EU report claims that ‘gender  stereotyping’ in schools influences the perception of the way boys and girls  should behave and damages women’s career opportunities in the future. Critics said the proposals for ‘study  materials’ to be amended so that men and women are no longer depicted in their  traditional roles would mean the withdrawal of children’s classics, such as Enid  Blyton’s The Famous Five series, Paddington Bear or Peter Pan. The document, prepared by the European  Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, also suggests  EU-wide legislation is needed to tackle the way women are depicted in  advertising during children’s television programmes. It further complains about the number of  women in EU parliaments, and floats the idea of fixed quotas on a minimum  proportion of female MPs.

…Tim Aker, spokesman for Get Britain Out, a  Eurosceptic campaign group, warned: ‘If the EU has its way, millions of  youngster would be denied the pleasure of reading childhood classics such as  Paddington Bear, Peter Pan or the Tiger Who Came to Tea because these books show  mums and dads in so-called traditional roles. ‘The Eurozone is crumbling, millions are out  of work and a generation of young Europeans face a bleak future. Yet the EU is  spending its time concentrating on how to socially engineer our children. This  politically correct report should be binned at once.’

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