Call For Labour To Clarify Position on Polygamy

Media Release 12 Aug 2008
Family First NZ is calling on the Labour party to confirm their rejection of polygamy, polyamory and bigamy.

Family First were made aware of a speech delivered in May to Victoria University social policy students by the Minister of Social Development Ruth Dyson, referring to the social development of not just traditional family groups but also relationships including triples, obviously alluding to polyamorous relationships.

However, the Minister has denied using the speech and claimed it was an administrative error which led to it being posted on the official government website for 3 months.

“It does beg questions as to why it was even written, and why was it put on the website in the first place,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“It is essential that the Labour party declare whether it will recognise and encourage polygamy, polyamory and bigamy as suggested by this cancelled speech, and by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs previously.”

“It seems incredible that these forms would even be raised when they are generally harmful to women and promote inequality.”

“Marriage between a woman and a man should be given special status and encouraged by the state – not weakened and compromised as is now happening,” says Mr McCoskrie. “Marriage has been based on the strong foundation of tradition, legal backing, and the overwhelming support of adults for generations. Marriage is an important social good with a smorgasbord of positive outcomes for children and adults alike.”

“Parenthood should not be defined and developed based on a ‘rights’ and anti-discrimination culture, otherwise we may soon be legalising incestuous relationships and even bestiality.”

“Labour can demonstrate that the speech has no credibility by confirming that it has no intention of endorsing polyamorous relationships,” says Mr McCoskrie.

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