CEO Learns Marriage Support May Bring Punishment

CitizenLink 31 March 2014
Shortly after the Mozilla Corporation appointed its new CEO last week, employees took to Twitter brashly showcasing their displeasure. Some are calling for Brendan Eich to step down.

Mozilla is behind the Firefox web browser. The frenzy over Eich’s new role has to do with his support for marriage. In 2008, he donated $1,000 in support of a California constitutional amendment. It defined the institution as a union between one man and one woman.

Focus on the Family Marriage Analyst Jeff Johnston said the reaction to Eich’s beliefs contradict the usual “inclusion and tolerance” message.

“It’s the same type of attack that’s been used by gay-identified activists over the past 10 years — but it’s betting more aggressive,” he explained. “You must not only believe what they tell you about homosexuality and marriage, you have to renounce any past support of marriage.”

The message activists are sending now, Johnston said, is: “Believe what we believe or we’re going to boycott you.”

Eich, who co-founded in 1998, had served as the chief technology officer since 2005.

On Wednesday, he addressed employee concerns on his personal blog. He asked for ongoing support to make Mozilla “a place of equality and welcome for all.”

With all that Eich has done for the company, some employees are focusing solely on his personal convictions.

“They seem to care more about his personal belief back in 2008 and that he supported marriage back then — not that he started this company or that he created JavaScript, or anything else he has done that has created work for them.”

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