Children ignored in gay marriage debate

NewsTalk ZB 17 April 2013
One of the senior MPs who will tonight vote against legalising gay marriage says there has not been enough debate around the rights of children. Northcote MP Jonathan Coleman says every child deserves a loving mother and a loving father. Labour MP Louisa Wall’s Marriage Amendment Bill is expected to easily pass through parliament tonight as MPs vote with their consciences. Dr Coleman does not think it’s an equality issue. “My point is there hasn’t been a full discussion around the rights of children in this debate. “So my personal view is that in an ideal world each child would have a loving mother and father. That hasn’t really been highlighted in the debate.” Deputy Prime Minister Bill English will also be voting against the Marriage Amendment Bill. He says the current arrangements work satisfactorily. “It does seem a bit odd that an institution that is becoming much less used and much less popular has now become the bench mark for equal treatment of people. “People can have equal treatment they get registered by the state with their relationship, we’ve got plenty of room for a range of arrangements.”

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