Civil unions fall off but ‘still have place’

Stuff 2 July 2014
Ten years ago a bill passed through Parliament, delighting those campaigning for the rights of same-sex couples across the country.

The Civil Union Act 2004 led to the first civil unions being celebrated on April 29, 2005.

A total of 3227 New Zealand couples have had civil unions till March this year.

They include Labour Party general secretary Tim Barnett, a strong campaigner for civil unions 10 years ago, and his partner, Ramon Maniapoto.

Barnett, 55, and Maniapoto, 44, had been together for more than six years when they entered into a civil union in 2007.

Barnett, who was a Labour MP for Christchurch Central at the time of the couple’s civil union at Waitetoko Marae near Turangi, says it was an “emotional” affair.

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