Colorado Christian Cake Artist Forced to Bake Gay Marriage Cakes Despite Religious Beliefs, Court Rules

The Christian Post 14 August 2015
A three-judge panel at the Colorado Court of Appeals upheld two previous rulings on Thursday that found Christian cake artist Jack Phillips guilty of discrimination against a same-sex couple because he refused to make a cake for their wedding. The court ruled that Phillips cannot use his religious beliefs or free-speech rights to refuse to make such cakes.

“I think the ruling means that some Colorado citizens have a First Amendment right to believe what they want and to act on those beliefs — such as Lé Bakery Sensual of Denver or Azucar Bakery. As long as you hold the right view on same-sex marriage, you can act on your conscience,” said Nicolle Martin, Phillips’ lead attorney.

“But for people like Jack Phillips, you are not entitled to those beliefs.”

The Associated Press reported that the case stems from an incident in 2012, when gay couple Charlie Craig and David Mullins requested Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, bake them a cake for their wedding. The Christian baker said that he can make them other items, but not a wedding cake, citing his religious beliefs that deem marriage a union solely between a man and a woman.

Due to the court’s ruling, Phillips will now be required by the government to make wedding cakes for same-sex couples if he continues his business, and he will need to retrain his staff to follow the state’s anti-discrimination policies.

The Christian baker said that the court’s ruling “is not fair.”

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