Denying kids a daddy – it’s not a gift

NZ Herald 21 June 2014
Grant Triplow is 43 and describes his build as athletic. He is 178cm tall and weighs 90kg. His hair and eyes are dark brown and he has olive skin.

These facts, without his name attached, along with his occupation and medical history are how he will first be encountered by clients of a sort – clients sizing up his reproductive powers.

Mr Triplow is a sperm donor – a good one according to a medical assessment of his sperm’s motility and quantity.

“I was told it’s strong and the count is quite high.”

He has Maori ancestry and this may be his most attractive feature, given that amid a shortage of sperm donors overall, the scarcity is most acute for women and couples who want a Maori, Pasifika or Asian donor.

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