Elderly couple’s marriage tips video goes viral

Telegraph (UK) 1 May 2012
A Couple together for 72 years give grandson five tips to surviving marriage. An elderly couple’s advice for their grandson Michael Bender and his new wife Sue on how to have a long and happy marriage has gone viral. Selma and Kenny’s tips for a successful union include such simple gestures as being good to one another and keeping the fridge well stocked “because you do not want to be hungry or starved”. How to handle more sensitive issues such as finances and flirting are also broached. Selma instructs the couple to travel, before adding, “you’ve got to watch your husband, though”. Despite bickering throughout the video about the finer points of their marital advice, Selma’s final tip to the newly weds is not to argue, which Kenny spoils by claiming they fight all the time. All is forgotten though during their toast. The couple share a passionate kiss before descending into fits of giggles.


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