Employee sacked for voting No in Plebiscite (Aust)

Kids party entertainer ‘let go’ for same-sex marriage view hits back
Stuff co.nz 21 September 2017
Family First Comment: Incredible.
“Tolerance and diversity” – except if we disagree with you.
Imagine if it was the opposite happening!

An Australian Christian kids entertainer who was fired from her Canberra job for saying she would vote ‘no’ in the same-sex marriage survey has hit back, saying she is “not afraid to stand up for my beliefs” and should not have lost her job.

The 18-year-old, who only identified herself as Madeline, was hired as a contractor and worked just two shifts for Capital Kids Parties in Canberra before she was “let go” on Sunday.

Madeline had updated her Facebook profile picture two weeks ago with a filter designed by the Coalition of Marriage that said “It’s OK to VOTE NO”.

Capital Kids Parties’ owner, Madlin Sims, wrote her a private Facebook message on Sunday saying that “homophobic views being made public are detrimental to the business and don’t align with my personal values or morals as the owner of the business”.

“We have gay staff members, gay customers,” she wrote. “CKP believes in equality for everybody.”

In a public Facebook post later that day, Sims wrote that she didn’t want “homophobes working for me, especially in an environment with children”.

“FYI this wasn’t a ‘you’re voting no, you’re fired’ situation. There were prior conversations had. As a business that works with children of all kinds, we have a responsibility to working with vulnerable people,” she wrote.

Madeline hit back on Tuesday, saying she was not a homophobe and should not have been fired for having an opinion.
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