Father and daughter admit incestuous relationship

NZ Herald 9 June 2012
32-year-old man and his 18-year-old daughter have admitted having an incestuous relationship. The two people appeared in Dunedin District Court yesterday charged with committing incest between August 2010 and May this year, knowing of their relationship as parent and child.

….Information in the summary was that the man fathered his daughter when he was 14. Because of his age at the time of the girl’s birth, he had little contact with her until she was about 16. He had been told he was the girl’s father. And when the girl was a teenager, she was made aware of the identity of her father. The father made contact with his daughter’s family in 2010. A visit was arranged and, after several more visits, the father moved into his daughter’s family’s home. During that time, a relationship developed between the two which became a sexual relationship in August 2010. The girl and her family moved south early last year and her father moved with them. The sexual relationship continued, resulting in the birth of a child. After a complaint to the police, both were interviewed last month and freely admitted their sexual relationship and that they knew they were biological father and daughter. The young woman said she was in love with the man, her father, and they had been living as husband and wife.

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