Four change minds on gay marriage bill

3 News 14 Mar 2013
Four National MPs have changed their minds about gay marriage between the first and second readings of the bill that will legalise it. The second reading count late on Wednesday night was 77-44, a majority slightly smaller than the first reading count of 80-40. The conscience vote lists show Gerry Brownlee, Jonathan Coleman, Murray McCully and Ian McKelvie, who all voted in favour of the bill on its first reading, opposed it on its second. None of those MPs spoke during the second reading debate. There was a full slate of 121 votes for the second reading. On the first reading, Labour’s Raymond Huo didn’t cast a vote and didn’t abstain. There were two new MPs in Parliament for the second reading – Carol Beaumont who replaced Charles Chauvel and Aaron Gilmore who replaced Lockwood Smith. They both supported the bill on its second reading.

Passions fly as MPs vote on gay marriage 14 Mar 2013
Parliament has moved a step closer to legalising gay marriage after a resounding vote in support of the law change.

Marriage Equality Marriage Amendment Bill passes second test
NZ Herald 13 Mar 2013
Same-sex marriage has inched another step closer after Parliament overwhelmingly backed it at the second hurdle, with only a handful more MPs turning against the bill. Labour MP Louisa Wall’s bill passed by 77 votes to 44 votes late last night in front of a near-full public gallery, a drop in support of 3 votes from the first reading. Cabinet ministers Gerry Brownlee, Jonathan Coleman and Murray McCully and National MP Ian McKelvie voted against after initially supporting the bill. An attempt by New Zealand First leader Winston Peters to delay the law change until a referendum could be held at the 2014 general election was voted down by a margin of 83 votes to 33. New MPs Aaron Gilmore, who replaced former Speaker Lockwood Smith, and Labour’s Carol Beaumont, who replaced Charles Chauvel, both backed the legislation.

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