‘Gaggle of gays’ MP courted by gay lobbyists

NZ Herald 9 Aug 2012
West Coast-Tasman Labour MP Damien O’Connor, who copped flak last year with his ‘gaggle of gays’ comment is now being courted by gays, ahead of the marriage equality bill.

Mr O’Connor, a stated opponent of the same-sex marriage bill, was wined and dined at a meeting in Greymouth last night by supporters of the same-sex marriage bill.

Today, he said while the conversation had been “good and worthwhile” he would not be changing his mind or vote.

In April last year, Mr O’Connor caused a furore when he withdrew from the Labour Party list in protest at his low ranking, declaring that it had been drawn up by “a gaggle of gays and self-serving unionists”. Having refused a position on the party list, he went on to win back the West Coast-Tasman electorate for Labour.

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