Gay Advocates Want to Shutter Christian Bakery

CP Business 3 June 2013
Months after facing a media storm for their refusal to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding due to their Christian faith, husband and wife owners of the Sweet Cakes by Melissa bakery in Gresham, Ore., are now facing new attacks from gay advocates whom they say are determined to run them out of business.

When Melissa and Aaron Klein’s stance on homosexuality was made public in February , the couple received a mixed bag of positive support and outrage.

Since then however, the positive support has dwindled, according to a recent report in TheBlaze triggering fears among the couple that they could be forced to close the bakery if the attacks continue.

“I feel like all these media people — they have not gotten our story — our actual story. And what we’re really about and why we said no,” said Melissa Klein in TheBlaze report. “Everyone is looking at us like we’re these hateful monsters that don’t want to serve gay people.”

According to Aaron and Melissa, the aggressive advocates have also “badgered and harassed” some of their clients until they no longer desire to do business with the bakery.

Wedding cake orders have dipped significantly over last summer due to the situation while some customers have canceled previous orders.

“My attorney likens this — he calls it economic terrorism,” said Aaron Klein. “These people, they have literally tried to cut any business ties off through harassment.”

Even the customers who still support the Sweet Cakes by Melissa couple have been forced to hide the fact that they were getting their treats from the bakery.

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