Gay couples can legally marry tomorrow

NewstalkZB 18 August 2013
From tomorrow gay couples can legally get married in New Zealand.
However, the national director of lobby group Family First, Bob McCoskrie, says the meaning or purpose of marriage remains the same.
He says when the bill passed, politicians never had the authority to redefine marriage.
He says marriage will always maintain its cultural, natural and historical definition of the lifetime commitment of one man and one woman.
On the other hand, there’s support from an Auckland Anglican church for the legalisation of gay marriage.
From tomorrow gay couples can legally marry, following the passing of Louisa Wall’s marriage equality bill in April this year.

Same sex marriage allowed from tomorrow
Excitement is building in the gay and lesbian community as legislation allowing same sex marriage comes into effect tomorrow.
One of the first couples to take advantage of the Marriage  (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill, which passed into law in April, are Tash Vitali and Melissa Ray who will wed at 8am in the Unitarian Church in Auckland, as part of a ZM      radio station competition.
Thirty-one same sex couples from Auckland, Manukau, Wellington, Christchurch and Rotorua have told Births, Deaths and Marriages they intend to get married tomorrow.

First same-sex couples married
Thousands of New Zealand couples have changed the phrase “I  can’t” to “I do” this morning as the same-sex marriage law comes into force.
Dozens of same-sex New Zealand couples, and a couple of  Aussies, will collect marriage licences today as April’s law changes take  effect, with nine couples planning registry weddings.
Births, Deaths and Marriages has been advised of 31 couples  who plan to get hitched on day one of the new laws, but the actual number is  likely to be higher as those figures only include the country’s main  centres.


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