Gay rights protesters rally outside Court’s church

ABCNEWS 25 Apr 2012
Dozens of gay rights supporters have voiced their opposition to former tennis champion Margaret Court’s views on gay marriage in a protest outside her church. Ms Court is the pastor at the Victory Life Centre in Perth which held an event last night titled ‘Rally to Preserve Marriage’. A gay rights spokesman, Sam Cavallaro, says about 70 peaceful protesters gathered outside and shouted gay rights messages at people as they entered the building. “There’s so much passion of the people here who are fighting for their rights,” he said. “We have to come out on their streets and demand our rights and I think that’s a really empowering thing for people.” Ms Court is a gay marriage critic who, along with the Australian Family Association, organised the church event. Members of the association had been concerned about the potential for violence in light of comments by gay rights supporters on social networking sites. Dozens of protesters rallied to voice their discontent at an Australian Family Association event entitled ‘Rally to Preserve Marriage’ at the Victory Life Centre last night.

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