Having a child by design

North Shore Times 11 July 2013
A woman who was penniless and desperate to be a mum found a sperm donor online to give her the child of her dreams.

Now she’s raising the child as a single mother on the DPB while the father, who visits three time a week, pays nothing towards his toddler’s upkeep.

The deal was agreed by both parties when the mother, who does not want to be identified, decided to keep the dad’s name off the child’s birth certificate.

Inland Revenue suggests neither party has done anything wrong – sperm donors, even through a private arrangement, are not liable for child support.

The 42-year-old Birkenhead woman placed an ad on a website under the username Inseminate Me before interviewing candidates at a public cafe.

“I couldn’t handle the thought of not being a mother,” she says.

“For years I told myself if I got to 35 and I was still single I would look at getting a sperm donor.” Z

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