History made as Nelson couple listed as ‘mother’ and ‘mother’ on birth certificate

Stuff co.nz 3 May 2018
Family First Comment: Apparently children don’t have biological fathers anymore. Really?
“All parents registering a child, IRRESPECTIVE of how conceived, would have the option of selecting “mother”, “father” or “parent” AS THEY PREFER with the end-to-end process to be in place by the end of 2018.
#DenyingBiology #WeAreStuffed

A lesbian couple from Nelson appear to have been issued a first for New Zealand: a birth certificate for their daughter with “mother” and “mother” named as parents.

Lawyer Stewart Dalley, from Auckland, represented the couple in their bid to get their daughter’s birth certificate changed, as it previously read “mother” and “other parent”.

“For some people, ‘other parent’ just carries a sort of lesser standing,” Dalley said.

“It seems a more derogatory term, a ‘you’re the other parent, they’re the real parent’ sort of situation.”

It was a massive change to have the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) amend its procedures, Dalley said, so the Nelson women could both be named as “mother”, as it also had wider implications.

“It potentially affects over 1000 children who could have their birth certificates amended now.

“And the way society is progressing, l I think the other change that’s been noted is that irrespective of how a child is conceived in the future, the parents of any description will be able to select either mother, father, or parent, so that potentially impacts on transgender people …”
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