‘Hollow’ promise to protect teachers over gay marriage

Christian Institute July 1 2013
Promises to protect teachers who believe in traditional marriage are “hollow”, former Tory minister Ann Widdecombe has said.

Miss Widdecombe also said the Government wants to “gag” anyone who disagrees with David Cameron.

She highlighted the case of a school teacher who is already under investigation for opposing gay marriage before it’s even been legalised.


The former minister said the Government’s assurance that no teacher would be required to promote views that go against their beliefs is an “excellent principle.”

But she said: “Unfortunately it is also a hollow promise.

“Even before the Bill is law members of the teaching profession are being penalised for refusal to sign up to the new state orthodoxy.


“A teacher from South London is now under investigation because she refused to teach children that disagreeing with gay marriage is automatically homophobic.

“So not only is she not allowed freedom of conscience but she is expected to teach children that nobody else is.”

Lord Dear read a letter from the South London teacher in the House of Lords during committee stage of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill last week.

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