How do we respond to Marriage, Marketing, and Intimidation

Public Discourse 9 June 2014
Author’s preface: I am a gay man who is opposed to same-sex marriage. Readers can view my speech on this topic given earlier this year at the Celebration of Marriage Rally here and read my Public Discourse essay “I’m Gay and I Oppose Same-Sex Marriage.”  

How did we get to the point where high-profile jurists ignore the will of the people clearly established through ballot initiatives, as well as legal precedent set by the Supreme Court? How has judicial decision-making become so influenced by subjectivity, images, clever marketing strategies, and perceptions carefully crafted by special interest groups?…..  

Same-Sex Marriage’s Achilles Heel
But the processes that have led to the surprising success of the radical left are also its Achilles heel. Consent that is manufactured is not real. Proponents of same-sex marriage haven’t won in the arena of ideas—they have won through manipulation.  

The moral high ground the radical left seems to enjoy is extremely fragile, because its popular support has been fabricated. The left’s only hope of retaining this support is to continue to suppress free speech and religion. They cannot risk the proclamation of truth—whether it be the truth of the Gospel, the truth of natural law, or even simple common sense.  

But the ground won by the radical left can be regained. If we are as disciplined and focused as the proponents of same-sex marriage, we can not only retake this ground, we can also pave new inroads. We must not despair; we should regroup and prepare to wage the battle in a new and different way.  

Mainstream Media? Work around Them.
Mainstream media are bewitched by political correctness, which makes our task extremely difficult, but not impossible. The media will never stray from the politically correct narrative, no matter how implausible or ludicrous that narrative may be. So we should, for the most part, simply choose to ignore them, brush them aside, and expect nothing but roadblocks from them.  

That’s why at this stage in the game, speaking freely one-on-one, in small groups, or within congregations, parishes, and civic organizations is more important than ever. Anything that is said by opponents of the radical left agenda gets twisted in the public square by media collaborators. So, the public square should not be our primary place of conducting business. Our work will continue in our homes and carpools, at lunch tables and on barstools, and in churches and community meeting rooms.

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