Is polyamory on the rise?

Radio NZ News 28 March 2019
Family First Comment: As predicted, the promoting and normalisation of polygamy / polyamory continues.
Once you redefine marriage to include any genders, there is no reason to oppose any number – unless you’re a bigot. Apparently.
No thanks.

Interest in polyamorous lifestyles may go beyond mere titillation, says an Auckland intimacy counsellor, as more people express an openness to define their own sexuality and sexual behaviours outside of traditional norms.

Angela Rennie, 43, has been offering specialist sex and intimacy counselling from her Mount Eden practice for the past seven years.

She says her anecdotal experience of talking to clients suggests traditional relationship paradigms are being challenged, revised and even replaced altogether, with more interest in polyamory, where more than one partner is in an intimate relationship with the consent of all involved.

“It is hard to know exact statistics, but many people feel freer to be open about their lifestyle choices in today’s society,” says Ms Rennie.

“Polyamorous relationships are not necessary less intense than monogamous relationships.

“These relationships can be very intense. I have seen many couples live this lifestyle in healthy ways, remaining deeply connected.

“However, just like monogamous relationships, many poly relationships don’t work out.”

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