Is polygamy illegal in NZ? Perhaps not..

The NZ Herald reports

An Auckland man who beat his wife with a hammer because she complained they weren’t holding hands while watching a movie together was allowed to walk free from court. Judge Philippa Cunningham ruled the consequences of convictions for Yasir Mohib, who pleaded guilty to three violence charges, were out of proportion to the gravity of the offending and discharged him without conviction. She placed particular importance on the possibility the 31-year-old, who has three New Zealand-born children

and two wives (!!)

might be deported to Pakistan despite the legal principle that a sentencing judge should not usurp the role of Immigration authorities. But her decision was later overturned by the High Court and labelled “plainly wrong” – the third time Judge Cunningham has granted a discharge without conviction and been successfully appealed.

Good decision – and Judge Cunningham should be put in charge of the small claims Dispute Tribunal to mitigate her dumb decisions.

But here’s the interesting bit. Mr Mohib has two wives. Correct – a polygamous relationship which the State appears to be turning a blind eye to, simply because Mr Mohib has only registered one of the marriages.

Yasir Mohib, 31, from Pakistani. Legally married to the victim, mother of their 3 children. Has a second “wife” whom he married in a religious ceremony… Judge Cunningham… noted obvious immigration consequences and the desperate need for Mohib to work again because of dire financial circumstances.

Um…. nothing about an illegal polygamous relationship!

Will Louisa Wall be introducing a marriage equality bill to protect this consenting love of three people?

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