Kiwi ‘love coach’ marries hundreds to themselves

NZ Herald 16 October 2017
Family First Comment: And why not. Love is love – free to marry the person or persons you love. It’s called Marriage Equality.
But sshh – don’t tell anyone, but it’s not actually Marriage.
“People recited vows to themselves and some even gave themselves wedding rings. There was lots of tears and laughter when I said: ‘I now pronounce you married to yourself.’ Everyone jumped and down and threw rose petals in the air. “I was very nervous before – it’s like any other wedding, you want it all to go right. But the meaning of marriage is evolving and that’s what this is about.”
The meaning of marriage isn’t ‘evolving’ – it’s being trashed.

A former escort turned “love coach” who had previously married herself has married 275 people to themselves in a mass ceremony in the US.

Emmajane Love, originally from Christchurch but living on the Gold Coast, had previously married herself on a beach ceremony in Australia in February.

The mass “solygamy” ceremony took place in a mansion in Phoenix, Arizona, on Sunday and gathered people from all over the world who were there to marry themselves.

Love, 33, is a former $5000-a-week escort who says she decided to inspire others to follow her footsteps and “become their own soulmate”.

Each person who married themself on Sunday paid more than $2000 to attend the ceremony.

“It’s an honour to help so many on their healing journey,” the Kiwi love coach said.


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