Laws: Gay marriage law creates new inequity 17 March 2013 Michael Laws
OPINION: In the week in which a new Catholic pope was elected, secular New Zealand overwhelmingly voted to mainstream homosexual and lesbian marriage. Two thirds of parliamentarians rejected the religious underpinning of the old morality, to embrace a new standard. That irrespective of sexual orientation, all of society’s rubrics and rituals should be made available, including marriage and the adoption of children. They similarly rejected the Catholic-Presbyterian-Pentecostal plea that conscientious objection to the new standard be allowed. And in so doing imposed a new orthodoxy upon us all, irrespective of religious, cultural or moral conscience. The problem now is that the new orthodoxy around gay marriage and its consequences is as illiberal as the regime it replaced. Those who wish to absent themselves from embracing such modernism run the same risk as the homosexual community over a generation ago. Namely, investigation, censure and the potential for prosecution. In righting some perceived moral wrong, a new one has been created.

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