Marriage and govt don’t mix, says vicar

Wairarapa Times-Age 25 August 2012
The Government should butt out of trying to determine what marriage is, a Greytown minister says. “My personal view is [that] I look at things from a spiritual perspective,” St Luke’s Anglican Church vicar Andy Eldred said. “I know we live in the real world but I don’t really feel that people, or for that matter governments, or anyone really has the right to determine what marriage is.” Mr Eldred said the official church position was that marriage was between a man and a woman. “We haven’t really changed that position.” Mr Eldred said a civil union provided all the legal rights. He openly welcomed gay people into his church. A conservative group within the Presbyterian Church has urged Parliamentarians to reject the same-sex marriage bill next week, dismissing the views of other Presbyterians who support the bill as “isolated voices”.

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