Marriage benefits your wealth, health and children – Liberal think-tank

DailyMail 25 October 2013
Married couples enjoy far greater wealth and  health than those who cohabit, an influential think-tank revealed  yesterday.

They are more likely to own their home, have  better jobs and be more highly educated – and less likely to struggle to pay the  bills.

They have less chance of splitting up and  their children are less likely to smoke or take drugs, a report by the Institute  for Fiscal Studies said.

One piece of research showed that married  parents of a three-year-old were twice as likely as cohabiting couples to be in  the wealthiest fifth of families. They were half as likely to be in the poorest  fifth.

Married fathers were more than twice as  likely as cohabiting fathers to have a professional occupation and in the sample  studied 86 per cent of married couples were homeowners compared with 54 per cent  of cohabitees.

The study found that teenagers whose parents  cohabit were 10 per cent more likely to smoke or use cannabis by the age of 16  than children from married families.

The IFS admitted that no  reason for the difference could be detected and that one explanation may be the  positive effect on youngsters of being brought up by parents who are married.–think-tank-used-say-didnt-matter.html




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