Marriage debate ‘dishonest’

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Labour MP, Louisa Wall, has lashed out at Family First over its handling of her Marriage Amendment Bill.

She says the debate over the bill has not been fair – and she has singled out Family First Director, Bob McCoskrie, accusing him of providing inaccurate information.

“The issue that he had about saying that this is a slippery slope to polygamy is probably the best example of dishonesty that has been part of this debate.”

Criticism of the Select Committee process and accusations of bias amongst members of the Committee, continue to shadow the bill.

Yesterday, 18 year-old university student, Grace Carroll, made a complaint following her submission in December.

During the hearing, she said, she was called homophobic by Green MP, Kevin Hague, and other MPs were rude and disrespectful.

Grace Carroll said the response to her complaint by Government Administration Committee chair Ruth Dyson was not good enough. Furthermore, she says the belief all youth are in support of the bill is a misconception.

A view supported by the Young Conservatives.

The youth wings of eight political parties came together on Monday to support Louisa Wall’s bill and made a joint statement in support of it.

However, Young Conservatives say the statement is not a correct representation of youth.  Chair, A J Heijns, believes the issue is so big, a referendum is necessary.

“But not just a referendum – a binding refer on government – so that people could make the right decision. We have faith in the people to make the right decision.”

A J Heijns says 160 pieces of legislation have been changed to give same-sex relationships equal status so there is no need for marriage to be redefined.

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