Marriage is a bigger commitment than home loan

Herald Sun 24 November 2014
THE older we get, the more scared we become of saying until death do us part.

And putting a ring on it is a much more intimidating prospect for commitment-phobes than signing their life away to a bank for a home loan.

New research by Slater and Gordon has found two-thirds of Australian couples say marriage is the biggest commitment they can make.

About 28 per cent said buying property or moving in together was the biggest commitment, while 3 per cent nominated setting up a joint bank account.

But a breakdown of the 1500 people surveyed showed that while 60 per cent of people aged 25 to 34 thought marriage was the biggest commitment, that figure jumped to 78 per cent for those aged over 55.

Sex and relationships therapist Susie Tuckwell said couples who could make financial commitments were often more likely to have successful relationships.


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