Marriage – the nice guy wins after all 8 February 2014
Women might shack up with a good-looking bloke but when it comes to tying the knot nice guys finish first, new research suggests.

The United States study found that for men, having an above-average personality coincided with a greater chance of marriage.

But for those with better-than-average looks, living with a partner was less likely to lead to wedding bells.

Otago University social psychologist Jamin Halberstadt said the findings were consistent with evolutionary psychology, which distinguished between marriageable men – and short-term mates.

“Crudely put, the distinction is that women are looking for highly fertile men for short-term relationships and highly dependable men for long-term ones. So women have different types of cues.”

So while a strong-jawed, classically handsome man is viewed as being a good option for fathering offspring, a less good-looking man with a great personality will be considered a better bet for a stable, emotionally and financially committed marriage.

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