MPs may not remain faithful to gay marriage

ONE News 30 Aug 2012
Some MPs who voted in favour of passing the gay marriage Bill through its first reading last night are warning their support may end there. Labour MP Louisa Wall’s Marriage Amendment Bill now faces a select committee and two further votes before it can pass into law. Gerry Brownlee is among the MPs ONE News spoke to who are not guaranteeing their support for the controversial Bill, despite helping it pass its first hurdle in Parliament. “I think there will be a number of issues that might come out of any change that might result from the Bill going to a select committee that should be widely discussed.” Other MPs are waiting to hear public submissions before they decide. Select Committee deputy chair Chris Auchinvole said he wanted to hear both sides of the argument before he can confirm which way he will vote in the second reading. “I want to know what the arguments are and then you can come to a confirmed vote and know you’ve done the best you can,” said Auchinvole. ONE News also spoke to National MP Paul Hutchinson who voted in favour of the Bill last night. He said he wanted to see churches given the freedom to say where they stand on gay marriage before he could guarantee his vote. “It’s also absolutely vital that the churches have the right to say who they will marry and who they won’t,” said Hutchinson.

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