North Carolina passes same-sex marriage ban

CNN 15 Oct 2012
North Carolina voters have passed a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, CNN projects, putting a ban that already existed in state law into the state’s charter.

With more than 2 million votes counted from Tuesday’s referendum, supporters of the ban led opponents by a 61%-39% margin, according to figures from the State Board of Elections. Its backers celebrated by serving wedding cake to their supporters in a Raleigh ballroom.

Tami Fitzgerald, the head of Vote for Marriage NC, said she had been confident that “the people of North Carolina would rise up and vote to keep the opposition from redefining traditional marriage.”

“We are not anti-gay, we are pro-marriage,” she said. “And the point — the whole point — is simply that you don’t rewrite the nature of God’s design for marriage based on the demands of a group of adults.”

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