Nurses and Public Servants Misrepresented on Marriage?

Media Release 5 Sep 2012
Family First NZ is calling on the nurses’ and public service unions to produce evidence that they have canvassed their members on the issue of redefining marriage. 

“Both the NZ Nurses Organisation (NZNO) and the NZ Public Service Association (PSA) are listed as official supporters of the so-called ‘Marriage Equality’ campaign, yet anecdotal evidence to us suggests that members have not been canvassed on the issue,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. 

“If these organisations are purporting to represent their members on such an important family issue, then we would expect them to have canvassed all their members to find out their views. Or is this simply a small group of activists within the organisation who are misrepresenting the views of the members.” 

“Where has the mandate come from, and is it reflective of the workers,” says Mr McCoskrie. 

“If it was a core business issue, it could be argued that the Executive members may have a mandate, but on such a polarising issue, they should at least be taking a democratic line and checking first with their members.” 

“We would simply ask both groups to produce the evidence that all members have been asked for their opinion, and that the majority view is the one being promoted.”

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