NZ’ers Asked To Sign Marriage Pledge

Media Release 28 March 2013
Family First NZ has launched a website which gives New Zealanders the opportunity to make the issue of redefining marriage a key election issue for themselves. was launched this morning and gives the opportunity for people to sign two pledges:
• I will not use my electorate vote to vote for an electorate MP who supports changing the definition of marriage.
• I will not use my party vote to vote for a political party whose party leader supports changing the definition of marriage.

“With the politicians attempting to perform a ‘shotgun wedding’ on the definition of marriage, it’s time they got the message on how strongly kiwis feel on this important social and cultural issue,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ and co-ordinator of the Protect Marriage campaign.

“People making the Marriage Pledge are being asked for their Electorate so that their local MP can be made aware of their pledge,” says Mr McCoskrie

“The definition of marriage should stay as traditionally and commonly conceived – not one manipulated by politics and political correctness.”

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