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NZ MPs welcome Australian marriage equality vote for polygamy / group marriage
Press Release: Cross Party Parliamentary Rainbow Network

Original media release is HERE – our small amendments underlined

The New Zealand Cross Party Rainbow Parliamentary Network has welcomed the results of the Australian postal survey on marriage equality.

“Congratulations Australia, who have overwhelming voted “yes” to marriage equality. The mandate for change is overwhelming with an emphatic answer to the question about the right of couples to marry as many people as they want,” say Network co-chairs Louisa Wall, Jan Logie, Chris Bishop, and David Seymour.

“I am thrilled for the LGBTIQ and polyamorist community in Australia. This vote validates their rights as equal citizens and gives a clear mandate to the Federal parliament to legislate immediately for equal marriage”, says Labour MP Louisa Wall, sponsor of the 2013 Marriage Equality legislation in New Zealand.

“While it’s not ideal to make the rights of a minority dependent on the will of the majority, it is wonderful to see so many Australians voting for equality for LGBTIQ and polyamorous people”, says Green MP Jan Logie.

“New Zealand’s experience shows that people need not fear equality for gay couples and polygamists, polyamorists, swingers or sologamists (marrying self). New Zealand legislated for marriage equality in 2013 and since then, thousands of gay couples have shown their love for their partners or themselves by getting married”, says ACT MP David Seymour.

“Marriage equality is about dignity, respect, and the legalisation of love between people of the same sex. Nothing more, and nothing less,” says National MP Chris Bishop.

“This is an important day towards securing equal rights for the Australian LGBTI and polyamorist / polygamist community. New Zealand is a better country for having marriage equality and I hope that the Federal Parliament listen to a majority of Australians on this issue. We know from experience in New Zealand that this legislation on this can change people’s lives when they have the ability to marry the person or persons they love”, concludes National MP Hon Nikki Kaye.

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