Outrage Over Mock Marriage Ironic

Media Release 11 Sep 2014
Family First says that the outrage being expressed by gay rights groups against a radio competition involving a same-sex ‘marriage’ is ironic.

“We have always argued that by redefining marriage, Parliament chose to reject the obvious cultural and natural character of marriage and the subsequent creation and care of children, and made marriage just about partnership. It was an arrogant act of cultural vandalism. This competition simply reiterates the contempt that some people hold towards this historically and culturally bound institution,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“This competition makes a mockery of marriage, but so did the redefining of marriage.”

“The ironic part is that supporters of redefining marriage argued for so-called equality and argued that everyone should have the right to marry whoever they wanted. What they didn’t understand is that when you redefine and move marriage away from its proper intent and purpose, these types of stunts will become more and more common,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“For millions and millions of people worldwide, marriage is a specific culturally and historically bound institution. The equality cause is not advanced by destroying institutions. Equality should respect difference, not destroy it.”

“This competition simply reinforces our concerns about the disrespect for the real meaning of marriage.”

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