Perfect example of ‘activist’ research

A study on same sex parenting gets significant media coverage. But does it deserve it? Let’s apply the same yardstick as the opposition do 🙂

Oh, by the way, the study is on 78, yes just 78, self-reporting teenagers! But the researchers still claim a ‘slam-dunk’ on their conclusions! 12 Nov 2012
“Study: Teens With Lesbian Mothers Do Better In School, Happier In Life” screamed a headline from, all of all places, CBS Les, er, Las Vegas. “Teens living in homes with lesbian mothers are proving to be more successful in school and generally happier in life” the article said. “A new study has found that 17-year-olds with lesbian mothers had high school GPAs ranging between A-minus to B-plus, while having strong family bonds with their mothers, whom the teens consider good role models.” The piece went on to describe how the teens in the study feel connected to their families, admire their parents, and are models of young people. The principal investigator jubilantly explained, “As a psychiatrist, I can say that these are the types of child-rearing outcomes that every parent hopes for.”

So, that—as they say—is that. But hold on just one little moment. First, the psychiatrist and lead investigator in question is one Nanette Gartrell, a noted lesbian activist, who has co-edited a book titled, Everyday Mutinies: Funding Lesbian Activism. She is “married” to Diane “Dee” Mosbacher, described as “a lesbian feminist who has directed or produced nine documentary films, each having to do with LGBTQ or Women’s Rights issues.” The research, or what passes for research, was published in the Journal of Homosexuality (and is available online in PDF format), “covering research into sexual practices and gender roles in their cultural, historical, interpersonal, and modern social contexts.” In other words, both the person conducting the study and the journal publishing the results are agenda-driven, radical, and committed to propagating the idea that homosexuality, homosexual marriage, and homosexual parenting are all perfectly acceptable, and perhaps even preferable to their heterosexual alternatives.

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