Promoting a debate on marriage

Colin Craig – 20 Aug 2012
There are differing views on same-sex marriage and adoption, and I am always promoting a mature and respectful debate. Good leadership requires listening to both sides of the debate and then deciding what is best for our great country. I of course have argued that this is a matter that should go to a binding referendum which will ensure that the law does reflect what we the people think.  

In New Zealand, we have already recognised same-sex relationships through Civil Unions. In fact 160 pieces of legislation were changed in order to address the issue of equal rights.

This in my view, is a satisfactory way to give recognition and rights to same-sex relationships without impinging on the rights of others for whom the existing definition of ‘marriage’ has cultural, religious, moral, or historical importance.

During our research we noted that 43% of people surveyed were not aware that the proposed Marriage Amendment Bill will impact on adoption. Let’s be clear; if the Marriage Amendment Bill passes, it will mean that gay people can adopt children as a couple, under the Adoption Act 1955.  

I realise that other parties (like National for example) think this is a good idea. Despite this surge of social liberalism, I stand firm with the majority of New Zealanders in opposing this change. I believe the evidence shows that it is ideal that an adopted child grow up with a great Mum and Dad. Remember we are talking here about children with no home and their whole life ahead of them.

It is up to us to give them the absolute best. I wonder how those politicians who are so ready to vote for this law change will explain to a young man or woman years from now, how they figured that a child could do without a Mum (or Dad), when they had the chance to provide them with both.

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